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Adult kung fu classes 12 years +

Everybody knows about the words “kung fu”, but do they know what it is or what it involves? Kung fu translated from Chinese means hard work or to master something, so you can be kung fu at anything. When hearing the words “kung fu” in China, the first thought would not be martial arts, but the term Wushu is used instead. And in the west when people think of Wushu, they think of something very acrobatic and gymnastic – a very long way from what traditional kung fu looks like.

The White Crane Fighting Arts kung fu lessons are mixed classes of all levels and abilities, both male and female, and are designed to give the student the strength and general conditioning needed to perform the movements of kung fu. The good thing about having a class containing all abilities is that the new students can feel inspired by the senior students within the class and strive towards achieving their own goals. If you are only focusing on mastering the instructors abilities it can seem almost impossible to master.

This provides the senior students with an incentive to push themselves harder, as they want to look good to the new members. Unlike in other sports, such as football, the instructor has to be better than all the students or he will not keep the students motivated or keep their interest for years to come. I always hear from people the comment “I am not fit enough to do kung fu, so I will go to the gym to get fit first”. Kung fu is a lot more cardio-vascular than Tai chi, but if you train regularly you will soon get fit and the instructor will push you but also be aware of an individual’s limitations.

When you start kung fu, you learn the basic movements, and just like the alphabet you then can then gradually start to make words and finally you can make your own stories. In other words, your kung fu becomes a natural part of how you move. Even the flash looking movements are basic combinations put together in an effortless flowing way. Just about any one can fight naturally, but can they fight using the art of kung fu? This is control and mastery of the mind and body together.

Broard Sword Pattern

Long stance