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China Training 2019

China training 2019

This year is my 20th trip to China training Kungfu and performing... This year we…

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China Training 2018

China training 2018

30th January - 14th February I am sure that this years trip to Fuzhou will…

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Summer Camp, Denmark 2017

Summer camp, Denmark 2017

By Matt Sartori Intro The idea for a danish summer camp has long been one…

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China Training Trip To Fuzhou 2017

China Training Trip to Fuzhou 2017

By Dave Etheridge-Barnes aka Xiao Davee Ok, so you may have heard this before but…

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Summer Camp, New Forest 2016

Summer camp, New Forest 2016

August 20-28, 2016 Round Hill Campsite, The New Forest, Brockenhurst, England H. Helene McGall

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Training Trip To Fuzhou China 2016

Training trip to Fuzhou China 2016

Max Johnson’s Blog Day 1 Let me introduce you to the gang going to China…

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China Trip To Fuzhou 2015

China trip to Fuzhou 2015

Ok, so before I crack into this epic of beauty, passion, kung fu, food, more…

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Why Do The Tiger Face?

Why do the Tiger face?

The Tiger face has been around for many hundreds of years in the Yongchun area…

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Summer Camp, Burgess Hill 2014

Summer camp, Burgess Hill 2014

This year’s summer camp was a different style of camp to previous ones as it…

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Summer Camp, West Sussex 2013

Summer camp, West Sussex 2013

In true Kung Fu camp style I took it upon myself to readily prepare with…

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Trip To China, April 2013

Trip to China, April 2013

Day one After the disappointing news of Master ZaiPei Lin and his two sons not…

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Summer Camp 2012

Summer camp 2012

Following weeks of rain and more rain we arrived at the summer camp with our…

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Trip To China, February 2012

Trip to China, February 2012

Another year flies past and it’s time to travel to Fuzhou again to Visit Grand…

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Summer Camp, Five Ashes 2011

Summer camp, Five Ashes 2011

The official kickoff time for the summer camp was 8:30 at Buxted station. A steady…

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Master Lin Comes To Visit England 2011

Master Lin Comes to Visit England 2011

It had been 365 days and 12 hours until we had last seen Master Lin…

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Summer camp, New Forest 2010

Summer is here and it's time for one of the main events of the year…

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Wudang Master Chen ShiXing comes to Lewes

Monday, 19 April 2010 By Wolfiewolfgang On Friday evening, an illustrious Chinaman came to visit…

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Trip to China, February 2010

Day One Well we arrive in Fuzhou for the tenth time to date for me,…

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Summer camp, New Forest 2009

I watched folk strolling along Madeira Drive with their chins lifted, smiling, enjoying the gentle…

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Trip to China, February 2009

Fuzhou 2009 Saturday 7th Feb Four likely lads Neil, Dave, Pete and 1st timer Mike…

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Summer camp, Cornwall 2008

Day One It was summertime…it was Cornwall… it was the Kung Fu Summer Camp. This…

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Trip to China, February 2008

Colin Bell’s diary of the trip – originally published as a blog on www.mansized.co.uk Thursday…

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Why is San Zhan so important? (Part 3)

Part 3 San Zhan practiced at an early level concentrates mostly on the external. You…

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Summer camp, Newquay 2007

Newquay 28th July to 5th August 2007 The good, the bad and the ugly from…

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Summer camp, Newquay 2006

Newquay, Cornwall, 12th - 17th August 2006 When we first booked to go on the…

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