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China Training 2019

China training 2019

This year is my 20th trip to China training Kungfu and performing... This year we were supposed to be seven strong but sadly it ended with five of us being able to go - Myself Neil Johnson, Matthew Brooks, Imogen…

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China Training 2018

China training 2018

30th January - 14th February I am sure that this years trip to Fuzhou will be as amazing as the last 20 years of travels to the Fujian area of this spectacular country. In all we are seven strong; myself…

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China Training Trip To Fuzhou 2017

China Training Trip to Fuzhou 2017

By Dave Etheridge-Barnes aka Xiao Davee Ok, so you may have heard this before but I’ll kick off by saying it again. If you haven’t been to China before for training and are thinking about it, then you really should…

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Training Trip To Fuzhou China 2016

Training trip to Fuzhou China 2016

Max Johnson’s Blog Day 1 Let me introduce you to the gang going to China this year! My dad - Neil Johnson, Me -  Max Johnson, Mat Brooks, Imogen Thomas, Liz Billington, Dave Edwards, Ali Canals and Dave Etheridge Barnes.…

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China Trip To Fuzhou 2015

China trip to Fuzhou 2015

Ok, so before I crack into this epic of beauty, passion, kung fu, food, more food, and more kung fu, there are some things you need to realise, oh reader Point One: I strongly believe that everybody needs to go…

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Trip To China, April 2013

Trip to China, April 2013

Day one After the disappointing news of Master ZaiPei Lin and his two sons not getting their visas to enter England, we arranged to visit them in Fuzhou this year. Due to the short notice and the cost of China…

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Trip To China, February 2012

Trip to China, February 2012

Another year flies past and it’s time to travel to Fuzhou again to Visit Grand Master ZaiPei Lin. Each visit has it’s fun and this year was no exception... England was under a snow weather alert, so we left for…

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Master Lin Comes To Visit England 2011

Master Lin Comes to Visit England 2011

It had been 365 days and 12 hours until we had last seen Master Lin Zaipei. We had said goodbye at the Foreign Trade Centre Hotel on Wu Yi Lu in Fuzhou, capital of Fujian province, China. For the last…

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Trip to China, February 2010

Day One Well we arrive in Fuzhou for the tenth time to date for me, so the crazy views and expectations are a little less strange than for most people on a first visit. China has never disappointed so far…

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Trip to China, February 2009

Fuzhou 2009 Saturday 7th Feb Four likely lads Neil, Dave, Pete and 1st timer Mike set off from Heathrow airport just in time because as we left, the snow started. We wonder if we would be like the other 800…

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Trip to China, February 2008

Colin Bell’s diary of the trip – originally published as a blog on www.mansized.co.uk Thursday 7 February 2008 Well folks, we are off to China on Sunday for just over two weeks Kungfu training with two Chinese masters in Fuzhou…

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