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Membership & Uniform

Head Instructor Neil Johnson
07976 260710

Here are some of the things you will need to know to become a member of the White Crane Fighting Arts organisation.

1st thing is to try the lesson to see if you like the class and your instructor. You are welcome to try two classes at the per session rate.You will then need to decide if this is what you would like to do. If so the annual membership fee is £40 and there is a family house membership for £50.

The membership covers you for the Kung fu, Tai Chi, sparring, swords, and staff lessons. We also hold master classes, one day and weekend training camps.

There are two gradings per year and you will only grade when at the right level. To get a black sash can take a minimum of 10 years. So lets hope you enjoy the journey and not just the gold.

We hold one Competition per year and a club meal for Christmas.

Adult club uniform cost

Adult T-shirts £10
Adult Trousers £20
Adult Sash £13
Adult Shoes £17
Total £60

Hoodies  £25
WCFA bag £25

NOTE: U3A members doesn’t require uniform

Kids club uniform cost

Kids T-shirts £10
Kids Trousers £18
Kids Sash £13
Children black plimsolls not supplied
Total £41