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Tiger Crane Combination
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March 2015 Sunday 8th: Grading lesson followed by grading
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About White Crane Fighting Arts

We are a traditional martial arts school teaching three martial systems, all are derived in one way or another from the South Eastern area of Fuzhou in China. Tiger Crane Combination Kungfu System (Hu Hè Shuang Xing Quan) and the White Crane Soft Boxing system (Shuang Yang Bai Hè Rou Ruan Quan) were believed to originated from the southern Quanzhou shaolin Temple. The Shaolin Dog Boxing Kungfu System (Shaolin DiShu Quan) was a nuns style from opposite the same Temple called (Bai Lian Si) White Lotus temple.

Our out look on teaching, is to have a healthy body into late life and should the unfortunate event of having to defend ones self or a loved one be effective as a real martial art. Traditional martial arts are not a sport and the ultimate is to never have to fight!

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Head Instructor Neil Johnson
Tel: 07976 260 710
E-mail: neil@whitecranefightingarts.com

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White Crane Fighting Arts is part of the Fujian Southern Shaolin Dog Boxing Club

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